Who Does Stu Lourey Represent?


With only a few days left in the campaign for Senate District 11, both Stu Lourey and Jason Rarick are making their final appeal to rally support.

Over the weekend, local electrician, Jason Rarick rallied together a massive group of excited locals from the District 11 area to go door-to-door reminding people to get out and vote.

Stu Lourey’s push has been the opposite tactic. He isn’t concerned with rallying locals from the district and going door-to-door. At this point, it looks like he cares more about pulling together far-left groups from the twin cities to sink more money into his attack campaign against Jason Rarick.

Some people in District 11 might recognize Stu’s last name because his dad was the previous District 11 Senator, but they have no idea who Stu Lourey is. Which begs the question, who actually is supporting this guy? Not locals. Initially, the majority of Stu’s funds came from family. When that proved to not be enough to take down Jason Rarick, Stu turned to outside, far left groups from the twin cities. They are happy to support him because if they can get Stu elected, he’ll be a shell of a vote they can control to further the agenda of far left twin cities groups.

Stu had a big fundraiser just a few days ago, not in the district, but in the twin cities. The fundraiser was hosted by leaders from Moms Demand Action, a group who won’t rest until guns are taken out of the hands of every Minnesotan. The group has more than a slight conflict of interest with the district Stuart is claiming to represent.

Who does Stu Lourey represent? Not the hard-working rural Minnesotans of District 11, but far-left twin cities groups whose interests will constantly be in conflict with that of the people of District 11.

Jason Rarick is running for the people of District 11, and DC Stu is running for far left interest groups in the twin cities.

At least we don’t have to speculate at what the Legal Marijuana Now candidate, John “Sparky” Birrenbach, is running for.

Friendliest Bulldog