Puppy in Sheep's Clothing

DC Stu

Among the most ironic parts of Stu Lourey’s website is the picture of him standing next a truck with a baffled expression on his face. That facial expression sums up his feelings towards rural Minnesota perfectly. Stu hates trucks. He believes they are destroying the earth and that people are evil for driving them. He believes that about most of the rural Minnesotan ideals. His Washington DC ideals rarely line up with his district. And that is his BIG problem: the district Stu is running for is full of people that love working hard, driving their trucks, and they are people who embody the heart of rural Minnesota.

The only way DC Stu stands a chance in his upcoming election is to trick his potential voters into thinking he is something that he is not. But in reality, DC Stu fighting against the hard-working men and women that make small towns like Carlton and Hinckley great.

The truck example is one of many things that highlight Stu Lourey’s fake characteristics to deceive District 11 voters into picking for him to be their next Senator.

Stu may have grown up in the district, but he traded in those roots to become a part of the DC sludge pit. Now he has gone WAY out of his way to change how he is perceived on the outside. He traded in a stiff suit for a Carhartt and a flannel, grew some facial hair, and he even went as far as changing his name from Stuart to Stu.

Why did he make all these changes? To abuse the trust of potential voters and to deceive them into voting for him. DC Stu is a little puppy in sheep’s clothing. If he is voted in he will represent the opposite of what his district stands for. DC Stu is against trucks. DC Stu is against rural Minnesota.