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The timeline between when Senator Tony Lourey stepped down and today clearly highlights the nepotism and the suspicious circumstances that have propelled Stu Lourey into his candidacy. It identifies why the Loureys are just as corrupt as the Clintons. More than 400 votes went uncounted in the DFL primary election, propelling Stu Lourey’s nomination. Voters should feel disenfranchised.

January 3rd

  • “State Sen. Tony Lourey appointed Human Services commissioner”

  • “Lourey’s son, Stu Lourey, announced his candidacy”

January 16th

  • “Bottom line, we gotta elect a Democrat from this district." - Stu Lourey

  • “I have a lot to offer the people of this Senate district," Michelle Lee

January 18th

  • “Some mail-in ballots in the Senate District 11 special election process risk going uncounted, beginning with Tuesday's DFL primary”

  • "It's a pretty big deal,"…"You're ixnaying a whole group of people"

January 19th

  • “Michelle Lee wins DFL endorsement in Senate District 11 race”

  • “Lee is facing off Tuesday against Stu Lourey for the privilege to run”

January 22nd

  • “Stu Lourey wins Minnesota Senate District 11 DFL Primary”

January 28th

  • Election officials: “Hundreds of votes went uncounted in Senate District 11 primary

  • More than 400 mail-in ballots went uncounted in the special election primary in Senate District 11”

  • “Most of the late ballots came in Carlton County, where 250 ballots arrived Friday”

  • “Stu Lourey defeated Michelle Lee, 1,932 to 1,699,

  • Lee outpointed Lourey in Carlton County, 1,161 to 896

January 29th

  • “Voters may be disenfranchised” - Secretary of State, Steve Simon

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