Jason Rarick, Not a Politician


As the race for the District 11 Senate seat heats up in its last week. DC Stu’s team has pivoted from fighting its imaginary battle for pre-existing conditions, to attacking their opponent, Jason Rarick, on his Union stances.

Stu Lourey’s campaign paints the picture that Jason Rarick fights against blue collared workers, unions, and union member’s interests such as prevailing wages. They could be purposely lying to smear Rarick, but we like to give DC Stu the benefit of the doubt. Maybe Stu was just unaware of some details about his competitor since Stu has been out of town for so long.

The thing is, Jason Rarick doesn’t just fight for union members. He has been a proud union member for over 30 years. He is a member of the IBEW Union 110. On top of that membership, Rarick has been endorsed by the Local 49, The Carpenters Union, The Pipe Trades Union, and the IBEW Union 110.

It rings true when Jason Rarick says, “I’m an electrician, not a politician”

None of DC Stu’s attacks against Rarick stick because he is not a phony politician. Jason Rarick is personally invested in the District 11 communities. He genuinely understands and cares about rural Minnesotan’s struggles. On the other hand, DC Stu is consistently proving he doesn’t understand anything going on in rural Minnesota.

Friendliest Bulldog