Hypocrisy of our Northern Democracy

For those of you that were discouraged from our half hearted, holier than thou candidates from this past cycle. Well, let's gander at one of the most shallow Minnesota senate candidates in modern history…

hunter stu.jpg

What do you think of when imagining Senate District 11’s greater Minnesota candidate? You imagine a farmer, a small business owner, a union member? At the least you imagine someone with strong midwestern values who has duly earned the respect of their hopeful constituents.

The DFL had many hard working, value based candidates to choose from. Instead they manufactured severe nepotism by choosing an out of touch, 25 year old, DC swamp child, posing as a constituent for 2 weeks.

Stuart, now conveniently Stu, Lourey’s candidacy is the prime example what’s wrong with our old guard democracy. The son and grandson of nepotism that is still being shamelessly accepted by his party’s bureaucrats. In a time where candidates are scrutinized beyond belief, it is astonishing that someone so out touch with their district, so under qualified to serve is still backed by the DFL’s band of cronies. For the party that claims to put everyone on an equal playing field, they presented extreme hypocrisy and disrespect for our democracy by keeping PUBLIC service with one family.


Second thought, it’s not too surprising they’d pick a silver spoon, bleeding heart, outsider. The injustice that persists with Stu and the whole DFL is their unforgiving hypocrisy with the values that Minnesotans proudly represent. Wears orange for the hunters, meanwhile planning to restrict their rights. Snaps picture with a Carhartt for the common man, whose paycheck he plans on grabbing more of. Poses in front of a farm, pretending he wasn’t city living in DC the past few years. Wonder how he got a job out there in the first place…

Stu like the countless other legacy candidates, do not represent our evolving Minnesotan democracy. If he was the best candidate for the position Tina Smith, Erin Murphy and Stu’s father wouldn't have had to pull teeth for an underwhelming primary win over one of the most unfavorable candidates in the Northland.

Reject Nepotism. Reject Hypocrisy.