The Carpetbagger

Stewie learns to drive.png

Stu Lourey traded in his small town roots to join the Washington DC swamp, and he’s been gone a LONG time. Watching him drive around in his campaign video literally looks like he doesn’t even know his way around the town anymore. His perplexed face is fitting.

DC Stu can’t navigate the roads and it is obvious he doesn’t understand the issues that matter to District 11. Rural Minnesota needs roads repaired, and he is fighting to put more funding towards the light rail. Minnesota has a surplus, but DC Stu is fighting to increases taxes on gas because he believes trucks are immoral. Outside of his family, he knows no one in the area or their struggles. A large number of the unions in Minnesota don’t support Stu and there’s a reason: It is evident he is an outsider trying to change what makes rural Minnesota great.

All of that doesn’t matter to Stu. He doesn’t care that the community doesn’t want him as a Senator and he doesn’t care that the issues he is fighting for negatively impacts rural Minnesota. All he cares about is getting the power and perks that come with the job of being a senator. DC Stu has always cared about having that power.

DC Stu was quoted saying just a few years ago when he was 17, “I plan on becoming something important”. To Stu, this upcoming election is just a box he can check off - it has nothing to do with making a positive difference in District 11. In the end, Stu Lourey is nothing more than a carpetbagger.

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