Meet Stu


Meet Stu Lourey, or as we over at The Friendly Bulldog kindly refer to him as, Little Stewie.

Little Stewie is a 25 year old kid. He grew up in northern Minnesota and abandoned the area as soon as he was old enough.

Stewie hasn’t had to worry about a thing in the world because his mom and dad always fixed all his problems - even into adulthood. He has never had calluses on his hands, he’s never worried about how he would pay his bills, how he would pay for college, or even how he’d get a job. It has all been given to him.

Little Stewie’s dad set him up with a job in Washington DC where all he had to do was follow around guys like Al Franken. All the while Stu adopted Washington DC ideals and priorities over that of his roots.

Only a few weeks ago his daddy gave him a call to set Stewie up with a new job: The District 11 Senator. Stewie packed up his things and headed back to the place he abandoned years ago. Stewie was probably nervous about the work he would have to do, but not to worry - his dad was a Senator before Stewie. All Little Stewie thinks he needs to be a good candidate is his popular last name.

Meet Little Stewie - Your Aspiring Senator.

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