Nepotism at its Worst

Lourey Stuart.jpg

The DFL primary for the District 11 senate seat took place January 22nd. Who was chosen to represent the values of District 11? The DFL chose 25-year-old Stuart Lourey, some kid whose only “qualification” is that his dad held the position before him. Nepotism is when power or influence is given to family and friends and THIS is nepotism at its worst. Stuart has no value to add to the district, he was only chosen because people knew his name.

Maybe Stuart at least represents the district? Nope.

District 11 is full of hard working people, farmers, and union members. They are people that have a rich foundation in values and they care about their community. Stuart moved out of District 11 as soon as he could. Where to? Washington DC. That’s right. He moved to the swamp. Now he is moving back because he thinks he will have an easy election since he has a last name that people might know. Minnesota has had enough of these political families and nepotism. We want candidates who actually represent us. Stuart Lourey wants to bring the swamp-like values from DC to Minnesota, all while claiming to represent the hard working Minnesotans of areas like Moose Lake, Cloquet, and Kerrick.

Stuart Lourey as a Senator would be a waste of Minnesota tax payers money. He would be paid to sit in a chair pretending to know what is going on. Even worse, Stuart’s votes wouldn’t reflect his community. They’d reflect his uneducated and misinformed opinions Washington DC.

Stuart Lourey might feel entitled, but he isn’t qualified.